With the introduction of mandatory licensing for some flats, buyers are warned to check certain details before proceeding with the purchase of a flat which may come under Exeter City Council’s licensing scheme. In brief, if flats within converted buildings or over shops were not converted after 1991, they are likely to come under the new legislation. With a license costing at least £850 and with the likelihood that works may need doing to the property, owners of affected properties could find themselves with unexpected costs if buying an affected property.


If you would like to receive a free copy of the Southgate Estates guidance on buying a flat, which covers what to look for and questions to ask when viewing, please email info@southgateestates.co.uk to request a copy.


At Southgate Estates we also offer guidance documents designed to help buyers understand the process of buying non-standard houses and houses of multiple occupancy (HMO’s) within Exeter.

June 2016