Guidance Booklets

At Southgate Estates we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the local property market. Unlike some estate agents, we have a diverse team of experienced staff who should be able to assist with most aspects of buying and selling. Our advice booklets are designed to provide advice to clients about many issues, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to chat about any aspect of buying or selling. We’re here to help!

The Southgate Estates Guide to Buying a Flat

For many people, the first step onto the property market involves buying a leasehold flat. This guide is designed to walk buyers through the process of buying leasehold properties, what to watch out for and some of the questions you should ask before buying a flat.
The guide also highlights some recent legislative requirements for licensing of some flats within Exeter.

The Southgate Estates Guide to Choosing Your Estate Agent

Choosing an estate agent can be a difficult decision with so many agents to choose from. The Southgate Estates 'Guide to Choosing Your Estate Agent' highlights some of the matters sellers should consider before making their choice.

The Southgate Estates Guide to Japanese Knotweed

If you are affected by Japanese Knotweed or thinking of buying a property that might be affected, don’t panic. Southgate Estates director Jonathan Newall explains what to do and how to sensibly deal with this invasive plant.

The Southgate Estates Guide to Non-Standard Construction

Whilst the vast majority of houses in the UK are considered to be of standard construction with brick or stone walls and tiled or slate roofs, there are many other types of homes. Whether looking at pre-fab post war council houses or architect designed modern masterpieces, there are many aspects that may need more attention.

The Southgate Estates Guide to Subsidence & Underpinning

This Southgate Estates guide provides advice on what to do if you are buying or selling a house that has been affected by structural movement. Written by Jonathan Newall, one of the company directors, who has personally bought a property that was previously underpinned, this guide discusses important issues such as ‘can I get insurance?'