Property Presentation

Presentation is paramount!

When you hire an estate agent, they have two roles. Firstly, to market your property, and secondly, to provide the help, guidance, and support needed to help you through the process.

When it comes to marketing and presenting your property, the manner in which this is accomplished will make all the difference. In an ever-changing digital world, techniques for getting your property seen are continually evolving, and even the branding your property carries can influence whether buyers choose to view it or not.

Successful marketing nowadays is no longer about the number of photographs displayed or making every room look as big as possible with wide-angle lenses. Effective marketing is all about selling the lifestyle to potential buyers. It's about selling homes, not houses, so capturing and showing off what makes a property a home is the key to success.

Making your property look its best will take time and professional skills. At Southgate Estates, we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional level of photography, and we like to make every home as appealing as possible by carefully choosing and staging each photograph.

While we obsess over ensuring every photograph reflects our exacting and peerless standards, the branding and presentation of your home are also of the utmost importance. Before we upload our properties to the internet, we first consider how we can best showcase every listing with a carefully thought-out portfolio of professional standard images designed to draw buyers in.

By putting together a marketing strategy and placing our premium Southgate branding onto your home, you can be sure that it has a good head-start before anyone has even set foot through the door!