Over the last few weeks, Exeter has been fortunate to host many of the worlds top artists, including Coldplay and Ellie Goulding at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend and more recently, Elton John at Westpoint. Radio 1 listeners will know that in the lead-up to the big weekend, Exeter got a mention every few minutes and DJ’s were out on our streets.


And the weekend itself ran like a dream. The weather was great and around 50,000 young people enjoyed themselves in the stunning estuary-side location of Powderham Castle. It couldn’t have been more perfect and it made Exeter look like the perfect place to live.


(In stark contrast, Elton John’s recent concert at Westpoint didn’t run quite as smoothly. Apart from the heavy rain, the venue sold out of ponchos and the queue for the car park extended all the way to the M5. Scores of people didn’t even make it to the concert due to the delays on the roads around. Still, as they say, any publicity is good publicity!)


So, what does this mean for Exeter in the long-run? Well, our guess at Southgate Estates is that all this exposure has probably increased the awareness that Exeter is a great place to live. Investors are always looking for cities that are ‘on the up ‘ and I’m sure some families around the UK will have watched the coverage and put Exeter on their list of ‘great places to live’.
Surely, it will boost property sales around the city.

June 2016